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4 Different Artists the Exact Same Type of Music NFTs

Published on 06 Sep 2022 / In Music

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▶ Useful Videos
🔴How To Make $100 Per Day with Music NFTs: https://youtu.be/xTgc6bQK9l4
🔴My Music Company on The Blockchain: https://youtu.be/zDRSOzibRLI
🔴3 Secrets To Music NFTs: https://youtu.be/ASX8VYWb29A
🔴The BIG PROBLEM with Music NFTs! https://youtu.be/161EQFbEkhI
🏠Minting ONLY Videos https://www.youtube.com/playli....st?list=PLZ_ty3jV4J8
🤑Music NFT Marketing ONLY Videos https://youtube.com/playlist?l....ist=PLZ_ty3jV4J8QuZI
📟NFT Blockchains & Platforms ONLY Videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDRSOzibRLI&list=PLZ_ty3jV4J8TzGS_yk1jnBlF3cL3NZjMP

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This is key because not only can they buy an original resellable digital collectible issued by you and verified on the blockchain (which makes them more valuable). But you the artist can grant ownership to your music through NFTs. Whether it’s offering a certain percentage of one your songs royalties that are paid to NFT owners when you collect from streaming services, Or if you immediately grant them the right to use your music however they’d like after they buy. The opportunity really is endless.

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