Harley Davidson Street 750 Custom by MOTOR SALOON

Published on 26 Jun 2020 / In How-to & Style

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Es el turno de MOTOR SALOON, aquí os dejamos su preparación de la Harley-Davidson Street 750 ... ¿la votamos?


Location: Amersfoort (The Netherlands)
Favourite bike: HD Road King Classic
Dealer: Marco van Velzen (owner since 1981)
Mechanic: Renzo van Heuvelen

Why participate in the Battle of the Kings?

Marco: “We love to be creative by building and renovating Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Obviously, this is a great challenge for the team. So when we were told about this initiative from Harley-Davidson itself, our fingers started to itch.”

Where did you get the inspiration?

Marco: “We always talk extensively with each other about what we would change about a motorcycle so it gets a smoother look. For this contest, we decided to build the Street 750 like an old Café Racer. This style was very popular in the 70s and is now very hot again.”

What did you change about the Street 750?

Renzo: “Actually, not that much. We’ve assembled a different saddle with a different lift, so the back of the seat is changed. It’s also important that the handlebar is made lower so the motorcycle looks nicer and wider. The tires are mounted higher, because they were too low on the standard Street. We’ve tried to optimize the total package and made it look much better now.”

How much manpower and hours were necessary to build this bike?

Marco: "We always work with the entire team on projects like this. It starts with an idea, then we make a sort of work plan and order the parts. At this stage the mechanics have already been involved to confirm whether some elements are possible. The team needed about 30 hours to build the custom bike and remained within the budget. As a crew we are very happy with the motorcycle. He is exactly like we had in mind according to the restrictions.”

What do you hope to achieve in this contest?

Marco: “That's an easy question: win of course! (laughs) We are already starting to build a second motorcycle to show that we offer a package that looks totally different but still stays within a limited budget.”

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