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Jonathan Galindo | joke of Vietnamese people

Published on 23 Nov 2020 / In Film & Animation

Jonathan Galindo | joke of Vietnamese people
The challenge of Jonathan Galindo is the joke of Vietnamese people
Jonathan Galindo, an account that spread fear to Internet users around the world, has become a joke and photo manipulation topic of Vietnamese network users.

Rumors about Jonathan Galindo - "The killer with a scary face" - appeared from Mexico in early July and quickly spread around the world. According to Newsabc, Jonathan Galindo works primarily on WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and more recently Facebook. This account took the avatar of the person who wore makeup like a dog and smiled. This is a photo by artist Dusky Sam since 2013.

The Jonathan Galindo account will proactively send friend requests to young people. Then send a link with the suggestion: "Do you want to join the game or not?". When users click on the link, personal information like home address will be revealed. Next, the account holder forced victims to choose to participate in "Blue Whale Challenge" or the whole family will be assassinated.

The way Jonathan Galindo works is similar to the Blue Whale challenge in 2016, resulting in the deaths of more than 130 young people in Russia and many others around the world. By 2018, this challenge came back to the name of Momo, causing dozens of others to die.

However, when returning to Vietnam, this dangerous challenge became a joke of the online community. Vietnamese users not only proactively text Jonathan Galindo, but also continually send friend requests, leaving comments on this account.
After a fierce attack by Vietnamese network users, on July 5, Jonathan Galindo's account posted two consecutive articles with the content: "Los Vietnamitas, por favor, esperen" (Vietnamese people wait ) and "También tengo miedo de la juventud vietnamita" (I'm also afraid of young Vietnamese). Under each article there are thousands of comments, most of which come from Vietnamese accounts.

"Abroad, you are an obsession, but for the Vietnamese online community, Jonathan Galindo is just a joke. Stop those foolish games. By the way, invite your friend to visit Vietnam. , we promise a warm welcome, "commented Xuan Phong's account under an article by Jonathan Galindo.

In addition, this character also became a trend of photo processing.

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